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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 29, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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canceled the execution at least for now. rob roth is standing by at san quentin prison with more developments. rob? >> reporter: julie, for more than a week san quentin had been preparing for an execution but not any more. prison authorities say sips federal judge jeremy fogel blocked the execution order last evening they are no longer watching albert brown 24 hours a day and the execution team has stopped practicing the state's newly that will ininjection protocols. >> we have complied with the court's order to stop preparing for the execution for tomorrow. >> reporter: brown faces the death penalty for raping 15- year-old susan jordan of riverside and strangling her with her own shoe laces 30 years ago. court records show brown even called the girl's mother and told her she would never see her daughter again. susan's family recently wrote to governor schwarzenegger asking him not to grant clemency. she says all the public knows
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is that some faceless teenaged girl was murdered back in 1980. what we see instead is the face of her murder research. there is no explanation for such a delay that in man's execution. her brother james wrote the effect she has adonal another brother. she asked for a ride to school. my brother said no. he holds himself responsible for her death. his life has been in a downward sigh ral ever since. the courts are concerned about rushing an execution before all the new protocols have been reviewed. judge foe gel said he could not decide the case in a matter of days or hours, that's why he put the whole thing on hold to say "i'm gonna need a substantial amount of time." >> one of the drugs used in executions is set to expire on friday. that means that there will be no executions at least until next year. by then, the state will have a new attorney general, and a new governor. reporting live at san quentin, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage of the legal battle over executions in
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california continues on you will also find more information about death row including a look at some of the infamous inmates being held there. just click on the death row tab. san francisco police have named a suspect in yesterday's rape, robbery and beating at the potrero hill housing project. the attack happened around noon yesterday. officers say 25-year-old damir sha lake oh has a distinctive sf tattoo on his face as well as on his neighboring. damirshalako. investigators say he is on parole from santa rosa and typically travels on public transit. family members of murdered children can now ask the judge to seal the autopsy reports of their loved ones. governor arnold schwarzenegger has signed a bill that allows families to make the request after a conviction in the case. 8-year-old sandra cantu's family is among those backing the law. she was killed by a neighbor. her body was later found inside
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astute case in an irrigation upon the pond. a federapolice officer is in stable condition this evening after accidentally shooting himself with his own gun on a castro valley gun range. [ sound of shooting ] the camp parks police officer was training on the range at the shabo gun club when his gun discharged wounding him in the leg. it is a training facility near dublin. the officer was airlifted to eden valley medical center in castro valley where he is now expected to recover. the cause of the accident is under investigation. the budget stalemate in sacramento triggered a march and protest rally today in the east bay. [ inaudible below horn ] >> more than 200 staff and children from the kadango child care agencies traveled to protest. they have not received state funding in '09 days. some centers around the bay area closed for the day so the staff could attend the
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demonstration. longer shutdowns may happen if state funds do not resume soon. child care centers aren't the only ones shutting their doors because of the budget crisis. in fact next week san jose unified is closing its doors for an entire week. robert honda is there with more on this. >> reporter: the unified school district has sent out word that anyone who shows undertake on a campus is going to be greeted by empty hallways and classrooms, and it's going to be that way all week. >> i considered all these options and i think you need to consider them too. >> reporter: isa stressful week for san francisco's largest school district as they plan for the five furlough days designed to prevent layoffs during a year when the district has lost $43 million in state funding, jennifer thomas says five days off isn't just time that can be made up later. >> will the kids learn what they need to learn? are we going to be told that we're not working hard enough if students aren't reaching the
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standards they need to reach on their year-end standardized test, are the students on breakfast and lunch going to get nutrition they need. >> reporter: along with the 32,000 students, 1800 teachers and 1200 classified non- teaching jobs are taking what amounts to a 2 1/2% pay cut? everybody is doing it not only for the kids because it's the money that we're that we're saving on our budget, but it's also we're doing it for each other, because it's saving jobs. >> reporter: everyone grease the ones that need to adjust the most is the students. >> i really need to interact with my teacher to get the perspective on the work because it's totally different when you get the teacher's perspective. >> i'm hoping we're not going to have to cram too much and have to accelerate to catch up where we mitts missed. >> reporter: the district union decided to keep them many happen tee for 5 consecutive days because they have uninterrupted weeks before and afterwards, one block of time would be easier to accommodate.
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but the district points out this is not a long term solution because five days off will save jobs but only about $5 million, robert handa, community news. the california community colleges have taken a big hit because of state-wide budget crises. they failed to deliver a $450 million payment yesterday to the community college system. that is on top of the $400 million in missed payments since july. to survive, individual colleges have borrowed money, put a freeze on spending, and delayed paying their vendors. the state is on the verge of handing out ious because the governor and lawmakers can't agree on a budget. for a second straight day the governor and legislative leaders did not meet to try to close the $19 billion budget gap. state controller john chung says he will decide next week if california will begin issuing those ious. a pension reform proposal is getting big buzz in san francisco and reporters are
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hoping that buzz turns into votes as they go up against unions trying to defeat proposition b. ktvu's david seen son is now live with the latest on this, david? >> supporters of proposition b call it much needed pension reform. opponents call it bad medicine. [ yelling ] >> firefighters, nurses and public workers rallied against the proposition b pension reform plan in san francisco's castro district this afternoon trying to persuade passers-by to vote against the measure. it would save the city an estimated $121 million by 2013 by requiring city workers to pay more into their health care and pension plans. >> approximately 69% of that savings is related to reduced costs to the city required to cover employee and retiree health benefit cost. >> i'm not opposed to pension reform myself but i'm opposed to taking health care away from children.
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>> they say it isn't true pension reform. >> this is kind of snake oil stuff. 70% of the savings for this measure are going to come from taking away health care coverage from people. >> i think san franciscoans are pretty smart. they know that the elected officials have a very cozy relationship with labor leaders and that's one of the reasons we're in the problem state we are right now. >> jeff headache, the city's public defender told them in chinatown city workers should pay their fair share to help san francisco avoid another budget crisis. >> everybody who enjoyed the system should contribute into it. >> prop b backers say it's been difficult. >> they are frightened to give money to this campaign because their name will appear on a financial sheet and they are afraid of the labor unions, picturing outside their businesses and things like that. >> reporter: the debate comes as the city is anticipating a
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projected 400 homicide deficit next year. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in sacramento a joint legislative meeting was held over proposition 26 which would make it more difficult for the state to pass new fees. prop 26 would require a 2/3 majority vote of the legislature or voters. the same requirement currently applies to tax increases. opponents of prop 26 say it would make it easier for tobacco, alcohol and oil interests to avoid new fees designed to protect public health. backers say it would eliminate the practice of disguising tax increases as fees. california voters aren't too happy with the job congress is doing. an exclusive new ktvu field poll show californians disapprove of lawmakers job performance by a nearly 4:1 margin. republican voters were even more likely to give congress a bad rating. as for the congressional candidates running in this november's election? california voters over all
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favor democrats 45% to 38%, those numbers improve in democratic held districts. the republican candidates, meanwhile, led in republican held districts but by a nature wore margin. the supervisors chamber at san francisco city hall will soon be made wheelchair- accessible. the board voted 9-1 yesterday in favor of a design planned for a new $450,000 ramp. it would connect the chamber's -- the chamber president's podium. the board rejected a similar plan in 2008 that would have cost a million dollars, supervisor michaela al toyota oh peer who uses a wheelchair had threatened to sue. google gives in after years of complaints, the internet giant gives gina users what they want. the changes coming to your inbox. the old 7-up logo goes "you like it, it likes you," but here in vallejo 7 up is
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saying"good-bye," i'm tom vacar, that story still ahead. cooling significantly around the coast and around the bay but it was hot inland. and there is the fog. will it get to your neighborhood? which cities will see fog tonight. our state is in a real mess. >> frank somerville, gasia mikaelian. complete area news coverage. from the state capitol and move r it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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vallejo is a city in bankruptcy and got more bad news today when one of its oldest companies, the 7-up bottling company, decided to pull up stakes in just two weeks from now. tom vacar is live tonight in vallejo with details and also the silver lining that he found. tom? >> reporter: well frank, at 12% is a lab oh county shares the bay area's largest unemployment rate. after six decades they are learning the 7 up plant and the
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90 jobs will soon be gone. >> it kills the economy in which the terms are even worse now. >> >> this plant's production will be sent to three other northern california plants. the plant's owner, dr. pepper- snap will group says some will be transferred, others will get severance packages. in our economy plants may come and go but for the beleaguered city of vallejo the hits keep coming. >> you have 10, 15% average getting a job there. >> but maybe something can replace that, something more modern, something green, maybe something that can provide more jobs for young people. >> it could get better. it could. >> reporter: on mayor island the company that built france's bullet trains recently setup shop to refur barry bonds trains for amtrack and cal trains. it has doubled its staff to 13 workers and is in a growth mode. >> i think the most important thing would be to redevelop an
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industrial and light industrial weighs that brings in all kind of employment and collateral work. >> reporter: in recent years solar, biotech, mechanical and marine have started taking advantage of mayor island's ample space, infrastructure, and lower rents. >> we need our jobs here to make a stronger community. >> for better or worse their long time motto is community for opportunity. tom vacar, channel 2 news. >> the federal government says california's leading work safety agency needs to do a much better job. a u.s. labor department report found dozens of deficiencies in cal o.s.h.a.'s programs. they say they must speed up its handling of complaints and improved training for inspectors. they also criticized how some death investigations were handled. in 23 of 52 cases inspectors did not contact -- have contact with victim's families. san francisco will receive a stimulus grant of almost $8
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million to increase broadband internet access. the commerce department will help pay for training, computers, and broadband connectionings around the city. the mayor's office says more less than 42% of seniors in san francisco have access to broadband connections, the numbers are similar for employee income residents. google is responding to users complaints and as a result is changing the way the inbox works on its free gmail service. users now have the option to choose whether they want the newest messages at the top. previously g mailed worked like a thread and tied new messages to older emails. gmail continues to grow in pop later. doing will says usage is up 22% from a year ago. a california environmental group says more than it 0% of state beaches this summer had good to excellent water quality. he'll debay graded water quality of more than 450 benches along the coast including the bay area. san mateo, sal a immediate a and san marin received a's and
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bs. contra cocos take received 2f's and one d caused by tidal action. a can you reed the full report on our web site click on web sites. >> another warm day. for the latest on the forecast now what to expect tomorrow let's check in with bill martin in the weather center. bill? >> definitely hot again inland. a pretty good cool down around the coast, san francisco, out around the bay as well. further cooling tomorrow. i want to show you the signature of the cooler air. certainly right now you canny is reds, those are 80s and 90s, but see these cool colors in here between point rays and between down by half moon bay or south of half moon bay? that's the marine layer getting in. so what's going to happen is these groans or yellows or 50s and 60s are going to start to my greatest ward tomorrow. we're going to see more cooling tomorrow and further cooling, significant further cooling as we head into the bay area weekend. these are the highs from today,
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big, very high, very hot, air quality was -- no spare the air day but air quality was nasty. it will be better tomorrow because there's that cooler air pushing inland that produces the breeze. we know that. so the winds kick up and they'll they'll clear out the atmosphere. ozone levels tomorrow morning, much better, much lower than they have been. that's the pollutant they worry about, the issue of the spare the air days for ozone, ground level ozone. fire danger goes down, this low kind of creeps down into the picture for the weekend, it continues the cooling process. this weekend is not going to be cold, it's just not going to be hot. forecast highs tomorrow, here is the footprint right here, that cool weather footprint, that's the fog and moisture. going to be foggy at the beach, san francisco, up in a sense. foggy weekend as well. cooler air will continue to infiltrate the valleys, friday, saturday, sunday. 82 in napa tomorrow, 81 in santa rosa, still above average in many bay area cities.
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these are above average temperatures in some places, 87 in danville, 88 in pleasanton, we are officially into fall. days are getting shorter rapidly, you notice the overnight lows are getting down into the, gosh the low 50s up in the north bay. it's chilly in the morning, you'll notice that tomorrow morning as well. forecast highs 80 redwood city, 83 in menlo park. cooling begun, records done, no spare the air day. we are in the heart of fire season and it's not an issue, it's always an issue, but not as big an issue as it could be especially with this upcoming weather pattern which i know helps firefighters quite a bit? all right good. thanks bill. >> thanks bill. >> sure. san francisco took its homeless services directly thaw those who need it the most today. actually we get to that story in just a moment. first though we do have some new allegationses that were made today against republican gubinatorial candidate meg whitman, nicky diaz says she worked for her as a housekeeper for nine years even though she
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was in the states illegally. she pleaded for help getting a green card and just before whitman started her run for governor. >> the shock, the heart, that miss whitman would treat me this way after nine years. i realized she wouldn't appreciate my work and throw my away like a piece of garbage. >> the charges are not true. absolutely not truly. >> she said she hired her through an employment agency that provided legal work documents, she said she fired diaz soon as she learned she was in the country illegally. san francisco took its homeless services directly to those who need most today. project homeless connect was held in golden gate park. many homeless refused to leave the park. the event brings in volunteers from various groups to do
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medical checkup, hand out groceries, and connect the homeless to a wide range of services. >> forced to be in a situation we don't want to be in. this is the only salvation we've got or we would be on the street. >> many of the people getting help at golden gate park were under 0 and about evenly divided between men and women. how oakland mill woods students had a part in this renovation. the first, more than 100,000 people took to the streets in europe, pro testing cutbacks, the dow dropped almost 23 points, the nasdaq lost 3. closed captioning brought to you by mancini trade-in mattress sales. >> announcer: the 10:00 news on channel 2. dependable live
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coverage of breaking news. the bay area's major news of the day. and complete in-depth coverage. >> showdown time today at the california supreme court. >> plus the forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville. julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. complete bay area news coverage.
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an old playing field and a east bay school received a major work over. roosevelt school opened their new school yard. the place was unsafe. the play area has been prude up with an insome vacationtive turf field and artwork. >> basically if our students are able to play on a new field, basketball, soccer, football, and basically to have a safe and clean place for them to play during the school days.
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>> the oakland school yard initiative funded the renovation. the new play area is open to the entire community. all right. mark is here now with sports. we haven't had a good playoff race in the bay area for a while, a lot of excitement with the giants in action tonight. just five engagements to go. >> reporter: last night was the first time you could pal pa plea feel it in the crowd. the giants of course will be taking on the arizona diamondbacks with tim lincecum on the mound and the chance to expand their lead which is 2 games with five to play, we'll see about that. the a's do have to finish up the schedule down in southern california today. christmas does not come early for oakland however although rajai davis a pretty good effort here, you know with his speed he is going to stretch that in to two bases and in comes cliff carter to score the run, that tied it 1-1, go to the 11th, torii hunter, dependable veteran center fielder of the angels delivers the game winning hit. hunter had previously been 0-1
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against brad ziegler, he breaks that and the angels move into second place over the a's in the western distribution. meantime it would be quite an upset if the 49ers were the beat atlanta considering they are 31st out of 30 teams offensively in the national football league. the 'niners averaging only 12 points a game. but the new offensive coordinator mike johnson takes over and his first job will be to spread things out, make things happen, and the players sound like he already has made kind of a fresh air aapproach apparent to them. >> be flexible. i think, you know. it's a week in week out over the course of the game, you have to be flexible. look out over what a defense is doing to you and combat that. >> you know, i think mike going to mix it up like i say. he is just going to try to prepare with the run. we're going to probably have a lot of reverses, screens, try to open up the run game, keep them on their toes where they
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don't keep trying to send a man in box to stop frank. 49ers sunday morning, and i guess you can say it's got to get better that in. >> can't go much worse, yes. >> a dog attack sends a south bay mail carrier to the hospital. coming up on tv 36, animal control officers say there were already concerns about the dogs' violent behavior, we're going to hear from two neighbors who stepped in. that's coming up in 2 minutes on tv 36. that is our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. good night. >> night.
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